The Cult of Gun Control is so foolish

Pirates Cove brings us this foolish woman who foolish people elected

What could ever go wrong? William Teach explains

This would negatively impact the criminals who use firearms how, exactly? Those few nutjobs hell bent on creating a mass shooting situation won’t care, most seem to not expect to live. Your average criminal won’t care, because they’re surely stealing ammo and/or the money to buy it. This is aimed squarely at the law abiding citizens who hunt, shoot for sport, and want to protect themselves and their loved ones. Funny how everything Democrats propose is about causing issues to the law abiding, eh? (via Twitchy)

One thought on “The Cult of Gun Control is so foolish”

  1. Dear Stupid Shit Twit Recently Elected to the Connecticut House, Jillian Gilchrest:

    The Second Amendment was not created for sport, hunting, or even for personal defense. The Second Amendment was created to prevent miscreant tyrants like you from overwhelming our national laws and placing citizens under the boot of an oppressive government. With an armed populace, such tactics as yours will be less likely to be enforced, and with an informed masculine and armed populace your social engineering is less likely to become the rule of law.
    A nation of cucks, beta-soi-bois, and woman-fearing-sissies might cower at your feeble attempt at “Grll Power” but I am not one of those. Read the Constitution, the founding documents, and take a class in reason and logic before you pop off like that again. Do we understand one another?
    Now be a sweet little thing and go get your husband a sammich,

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