So, now the English language is RAAAAACIST?


So much for the Melting Pot. The objective now is maximum balkanization. Promoting assimilation could cost you your job, as when a Duke University professor encouraged Chinese students to improve their English by speaking it at all times.

Megan Lee Neely, an assistant professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, reportedly emailed the students Friday in response to complaints by two of her colleagues who said they were disappointed that the students “were not taking the opportunity to improve their English” …

This of course constitutes thoughtcrime.

Medical school dean Mary E. Klotman apologized to Neely’s students in a letter and said that Duke’s Office of Institutional Equity will investigate the incident.

How is this even mildly controversial?

2 thoughts on “So, now the English language is RAAAAACIST?”

  1. I’ve been saying for DECADES that if I were to legally immigrate to Outer Slobovia I would be expected to learn at least enough Outer Slobovian to be able to function in that country without ANY ‘special accommodations’. That still holds true. End of discussion.

  2. Maximum Balkanization was *always* the objective. Divide and rule, import as many unskilled and illiterate welfare-dependent peasants as possible. The Democrat party has no purpose for its existence except for the raw, naked exercise of as much political power as its elected officials can possible grab hold of. It fulfills no worthwhile philosophical purpose, it achieves nothing constructive, it is the most destructive force on Earth today.

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