One thought on “Mike Rowe speaks common sense”

  1. The reason that it costs so much for a degree from a college now is that the government guarantees the student loans. Since the lenders know that the money is going to be paid back, they have no reason not to loan any and all amounts. So the colleges can raise the cost of education. They have to justify the extra expense so they build bigger and better facilities, like student centers, dorms, pools, etc. Then the have to get more students to attend their schools to keep the buildings filled, so they must also build even more impressive facilities. And the cost continues to sail upwards.
    And as we all know, it would be no problem, if the money spent paid off in an associated increase in income related to that money spent. But studies show only a slight relationship between college and income, not enough to justify it in my mind. Investing the 80,000$ in a mutual fund at age 18 and then taking a blue collar job for the next 40 years, with the normal expected pay increases, would most likely allow you to retire at the age of 58, a multi millionaire. I have not figured this out mathematically, but I am reasonable certain that it is true.

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