More Corporate Stupidism-Joe’s Crab Shack style

I said when the morons running Joe’s Crab Shack decided to go with “no tipping” policy test that they would lose business and good staff. Paying a server or bartender $14 buck an hour? That is a pay cut for most, and a significant one. And, menu prices would have to be raised so patrons would go elsewhere. So, am I a 30 year veteran of the restaurant/bar world smarter than the idiots running Joe’s? You have to ask?

The casual seafood chain announced in November that it had been trying out a no-tipping model in 18 of its restaurants across the country since August.

But less than a year later, the company is moving back to the standard gratuity model in 14 of the test locations.

Bob Merritt, who became CEO of Joe’s parent company Ignite Restaurant Group in November, announced the decision last week on the company’s first-quarter earnings call.

“Our customers and staff spoke very loudly [about the policy], and a lot of them voted with their feet,” he said

REALLY? Who could have seen that coming genius? I mean giving customers the same food for more money, and worse service while also taking away any incentive for your staff while also cutting their pay did not work out? Wanna see my shocked face?



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