Again, the truth is not a leftist value

2 thoughts on “Again, the truth is not a leftist value”

  1. This bird is what we get when the Federal government and the law school sissies that populate it gets it’s damned fingers into every part of our lives. She is a product of government schools where reason, logic, and critical thinking are discarded in favor of self-centered reflex. Her statement is not exclusive but is indicative; there are countless thousands like her and throngs of soy-boys seeking their approval. They are of one lot: Mindless reactionaries attracted to tyranny and fearful of adult responsibilities that are connected to liberty and the pursuit of one’s own success.
    This sort of idiocracy will not stop of it’s own error and history is no teacher to the deaf and blind. There must be an organized resistance to foolishness and the happy destruction of a free people. Notice how she and her cult smile so much? Doesn’t that stir a defense response in you? Don’t suppress it because the Lenninists will not be defeated by polite conversation and agreement.

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