When idiots speak

Animal Magnetism ponders, as I often do, why we celebrate idiocy.

Here from PJMedia are the 20 Worst Quotes of 2018.  My favorite:  “Almost every single person I’ve ever heard of with an AR-15 has been a mass murderer.” — Author Nina Burleigh.  There are, best guess, somewhere between 10 and 20 million AR-pattern rifles in the United States.  Since we can only conclude that there have not been between 10 and 20 million mass murders, we can only assume that “Author” Nina Burleigh is a hyperbolic horse’s ass.

Indeed! Of course, today we elevate fools that speak in platitudes, and say very idealistic things. At the same time people who speak in common sense, and simple truths are mocked

Leftists, of course push idiots and the idiotic things they say because they use these people and the foolish things they utter. Fools will believe the lies of Marxism, and all the other bastard “isms” it has spawned. Wise people will reject these “isms”. So, wisdom must be mocked, and foolishness honored for leftism to ever take root

2 thoughts on “When idiots speak”

  1. Your point applies to the business world as well. When an organization grows beyond everyone knowing everyone else’s first name there is a strong likelihood of a subset social order with unwritten rules and expected behavior having NOTHING to do with business. Very interesting topic to observe.
    A previous big business employer had the worst manager (VP of Production) I have ever experienced, along with the worst management styles. And to question or suggest improvement put you on a black list of dangerous characters. The VP was fond of using buzzwords and fad phrases, a favorite just as I was leaving was “Close of Business” which he abbreviated COB. I asked my manager wtf COB meant and he explained. I said that was a term from the financial world indicating the end of booked transactions for the day, but business would still be written just applied to the next days’ ledger – a holdover from the pencil and paper days of accounting. And with multiple shifts and locations there is confusion and ambiguity about deadlines if COB is used so didn’t that go against the corporate mission statement?
    “Huh” he said and walked away.
    When I suggested in a department meeting that we replace COB with a date and time to avoid confusion the VP looked at me like I had shat upon his hat and changed the subject without commenting. Later my manager called me into a private meeting saying “I embrace, and you should as well, the language of modern business. We should all work with a common goal and clear blah blah blah”. I knew the end was in sight.
    Politics has become no better than that bullshit artistry.

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