Governor John Kasich never was a Conservative

It is all about him, not about liberty or the Constitution, or American ideals like self-defense, and, apparently due process.

With his governorship ending Jan. 13, Kasich also signaled he would veto a gun bill headed to his desk, even after majority Republican lawmakers stripped out the controversial stand-your-ground provision that would have removed the duty to retreat unless there was no alternative to using lethal force in self-defense. Instead, he is getting a bill that primarily only changes the burden of proof from the defendant to the prosecution if force is used.

“That somehow makes the bill OK? I didn’t get that,” Kasich said. “Just with stand-your-ground being gone, how about the rest of the bill?

“When you start shifting the burden (of proof) away from somebody who does the shooting to now a prosecutor, that’s a change. I don’t know, why did they want to change that? What’s the purpose of it?”

It is called due process there Governor Gun Control. 

2 thoughts on “Governor John Kasich never was a Conservative”

  1. Let’s see, “innocent until proven guilty”? What about “alleged” shooter? Oh, no! We need to crush anyone who protects self, family and property with the full force of tyranny. It’s the end of rule of law. Oh, by the way, just how much does your security detail cost the taxpayers?

  2. He wasn’t a governor, either. Now he can become a full time Fox Talking Head. Or go to work with Glenn Beck, which would be a good idea considering they car pool to group therapy once a week.

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