Democrats and election fraud

Democrats can say the darndest things. In response to voter ID laws, or any other common sense effort to prevent voter fraud, they ran that there is no such thing as voter fraud. Then, if a Democrat loses a tight race, the same leftists scream about stolen elections. And, in CaliMarxifornia they play fast and loose with vote integrity, as Animal points out

California is at it again.  That is, their voting laws are at it again.  Excerpt:

In California’s 39th Congressional District, Republican candidate Young Kim was widely anticipated to snag an electoral victory and fill outgoing Rep. Ed Royce’s shoes, becoming the first Korean-American woman to serve in Congress. On election night and the next day, she held a wide lead ahead of Democrat Gil Cisneros. While waiting for the official ballot tally, Kim flew to Washington D.C. to attend orientation events for freshmen members of Congress, including the class photo op, but as ballots continued to pour in up to a week after the election, the results flipped and she ultimately lost.

Watching every single contested congressional race flip from Republican to Democrat days after the election is, as Ryan put it, weird. While Here are six reasons California’s electoral system is deeply flawed.

Here’s the biggest source of possible shenanigans:

2. ‘Ballot Harvesting’ allows political operatives to drop off other people’s ballots.

new state law allows third parties to pick up ballots and drop them off at polling locations on behalf of that person, a practice known as “ballot harvesting.”

Yeah, sure nothing could possibly go wrong here right? The Federalist has several more examples of laws that could easily aid anyone wanting to steal an election

2 thoughts on “Democrats and election fraud”

  1. This is because the left has only ONE RULE…….WIN. And any act that helps them win is acceptable. Anything that impedes that agenda is a crime.

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