What a crappy thing to do

Via Moonbattery Dave Blount shares in my his distaste for bicyclists who hog the road

Some bicyclists pedal around with too much attitude. This is probably ascribable in most cases to a conviction of moral superiority rooted in obeisance to the planet, as if the planet somehow knows and cares whether they ride a bike or drive a Hummer. Bicyclists will hog roads intended for cars, using their own vulnerability as a shield as they bully more sensible commuters. They are even known to bang on cars when the drivers fail to treat them with sufficient deference. One bicyclist went farther still

Police are searching for a cyclist in Victoria, British Columbia, accused of ramming his bike into a car before hurling his own poop at the vehicle on Saturday, Victoria News reported Monday. …

Witnesses told police that the 5-foot-10 suspect, who is approximately 35 years old, was verbally abusive toward the driver before pulling down his pants, defecating, and throwing poop at the vehicle.

I have come close to a few wrecks while trying to pass cyclists entitled douchebags on two lane roads, but have never had an altercation, or had poop thrown at me.

2 thoughts on “What a crappy thing to do”

  1. There are certainly plenty of road bicyclists who ride much too close to the line, or on totally inappropriate roads (because of the curves, narrow lanes, and speed and quantity of the car traffic). It’s like they are daring you to hit them. I see the same behavior on the part of way too many (mainly) Harley riders. The difference is the motorcyclists are coming at you with their handlebar ends on or over the center line, particularly when there are quite a few of them. Try stupid tricks, get stupid prizes……

  2. I generally don’t see that many bicyclists out and about, but when I do take notice of them, typically if there are three cyclists, two are riding on the wrong side of the road and the other is riding on the sidewalk.

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