Never bring a knife to a ……………

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day via Bearing Arms


“I pulled out my gun — like this — and I pointed it right at him, and he ran,” said Ho. When prompted, he showed off his handgun, which looks to be an IWI Jericho 941 that he keeps in a leather thumb break holster attached to the counter.

Police are reportedly still searching for the suspect, who was only inside the store for a few seconds before he broke for the door.

Now, let’s say the police never find this guy. Let’s say he walks around scot-free and is never called to account for his crime.

While that’s not ideal, let’s also think about what will go through his head for the rest of his days. He’ll remember the time he tried to rob someone and got a good look at the business end of a handgun. He will see that and (hopefully) factor that into future decisions.

Who knows? Maybe this will scare him onto the straight and narrow path. Maybe the next time he thinks about breaking the law, he’ll think about the look of Mr. Ho’s pistol and remember that there are people out there who have no interest in being sheep waiting to be preyed upon.

One thought on “Never bring a knife to a ……………”

  1. Let’s be realistic…..being shown the barrel of a gun is NOT going to set him on the straight and narrow.
    It’s going to cause the miscreant to upgrade to a firearm and possibly become trigger happy. The world
    would have been far better off if the clerk had turned the robber into work food.

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