And now, a proper salute to a douchebag of epic proportions

Oh that Jim Acosta.

Diogenes has Acosta’s number


Mike McDaniel also takes Mr. Look at ME to task

One of the interesting—as in the ancient Chinese curse—things about America is the hidden, previously unimaginable, new and innovative rights judges are able to find in the Constitution.  Unlike inNational Treasure, no arcane chemical or optical processes are necessary to find these cleverly concealed rights.

Prof. Jacobson atLegal Insurrection reports:

Based on reports from reporters in the media room, it appears that the Judge ruled that while the White House doesn’t have to allow any reporters into the White House, by setting up a credentialing process it owes people like Acosta due process, and that it confers a First Amendment interest entitled to protection. The Court appears to have ruled that Acosta’s First Amendment rights supercede the White House interest in orderly press conferences, and that Acosta was not given due process in the revocation process.

That’s right gentle readers: any given boorish, juvenile, arrogant, and petulantly disruptive reporter with a propensity for violence now has a constitutional right to assault White House interns, and to a White House hard pass!

Go read all that both links have. Acosta is a jerk, grandstanding to publicize himself. Guess he is pimping for his own show, maybe a book deal, who knows. But one thing is clear, whatever journalistic talent he had, has been sacrificed on the Altar of Activism

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