Don Lemon tries to be serious, exposes how nutty he really has become

Don, Don, Don. Dude, seriously stop!

This is CNN, Pravda would even call this over the top. This is not journalism, not even close, it is naked hatred, wrapped in ignorance, and fried in a vat of boiling hot fanaticism, and served with a side of that paste lemon apparently devours by the tablespoon

Just a quick exit question here. If the left truly believes that speech leads to violence, shouldn’t they stop this 

And this?

The Pittsburgh rabbi who said he would be honored to welcome President Trump to the city after surviving an attack on his synagogue has received hate mail for the comments, he revealed on Tuesday.

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers was leading prayer services in the Tree of Life Congregation synagogue on Tuesday when gunman Robert Bowers opened fire.

On Monday, as other survivors denounced the president and Jewish groups circulated an open letter telling him he was not welcome in Pittsburgh, Rabbi Myers spoke out to say he would be happy to meet Trump or any sitting president of the United States.

He revealed on Tuesday morning that he has since been inundated with abuse for saying so.

‘When I first said that the president was welcome, I’ve received a lot of emails, too numerous to count, I’ve received many that are not happy with those words.

‘Those emails also contain hate. It just continues in this vicious cycle. We need to be better than this.

The fact is this, the people politicizing this act of evil are on the left, not the right. Those protesters with their signs protesting the president? What is that but politicizing? The media hacks asking how much Trump is to blame for an act of evil? Politicizing! These same miscreants would be bashing Trump if he did not go to Pittsburgh. Everything to them is ideological, nothing more.

Want more leftist hatred? The Daily Caller has a looooonnngggg list

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