Southerner does a very typical Southern thing, media plays the race card

Here is the picture

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Here is the media’s spin

In these incredibly divisive times, a single photograph has united more than 1 million people around the globe.

Natasha Crittenden Wilson was sitting in a Alabama doctor’s waiting room when a mother walked in with a sleeping baby on her shoulder. She stepped to the reception desk, checked in, and was handed a clipboard with a stack of forms to fill out.

“She goes to sit down, and you could just hear thinking, ‘Now how am I going to do this?”’ Wilson told Friday. Just then, from across the room, an elderly man piped up, “Could I hold that baby for you?” And the mother, beaming, replied “Yes, that would be amazing.” Wilson recalled.

The man cradled that baby as if he was his own. His mother, unencumbered her, turned her attention to the paperwork.

Wilson took a cellphone photo of the moment and posted it to her Facebook page, where it blew up social media.

The elderly man is white. The mother and her 1-year-old are black.

Oh good grief. This is how Southerners are, and yes lots of folks who are not Southern too. I can imagine many folks from my family doing the same thing. This line, from the woman who posted the pic on line really bugs me

“Racism is still very real in our society, but this man has provided me with hope & a sweet memory that I will never forget . If you know this man, tell him what an extraordinary person he is!” Wilson wrote alongside the photo.

I would argue that racism is rare in our society. Sure the media spins like a top on race issues. If they can put the seed of racism into any story they will. Sadly, that is the “reality” some folk see. Yes, the race pimps like Sharpton try to create as much division along racial lines. So does the Democratic party. But that is simply not the day to day reality of America. Allow me a story here, from personal experience

At the grocery store I often shop at, Tom Thumb, there is a Muslim lady I often see. She has a young boy. A few years ago, when the child was quite small, maybe three or so, he got separated from his mom. She notified the store manager, who announced a missing child in the store. Everyone, Black, white, Christian, whatever helped to look, and thankfully, the boy was soon found. He thought it funny to hide. That he and his mother were Muslim, and of Middle Eastern descent mattered not to the shoppers. Again, someone needed help, they received it. Darn us Southerners for not meeting the left’s definition of who we are!!

Yes, the story is nice, but if anyone looks around, they will likely see similar stories everyday

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