Megyn Kelly the latest victim of Offendeditis

She dared offer a non-approved opinion, and now, she is out at NBC it seems

The extravagantly lucrative career of Megyn Kelly appears to be over. She has committed a capital thought crime:

Kelly will not be appearing on her NBC show on Thursday, two days after the host’s controversial comments…

Two sources close to the situation tell The Hill that NBC and Kelly are working on an exit deal.

Yes, her thought crime was that serious:

Kelly sparked criticism Tuesday when during a panel segment on her show, “Megyn Kelly Today,” regarding Halloween costumes, she said dressing up in blackface was considered fine when she was growing up “as long as you were dressing like a character.”

She pointed out that “Real Housewives” actress Luann de Lesseps once dressed up as Diana Ross, a black singer.

“People said that was racist and I don’t know, I felt like, who doesn’t love Diana Ross?” Kelly said on Tuesday.

The thought police at her own network came down fast and hard. Her guest panelist NBC News reporter Jacob Soboroff immediately called racism. Soon afterward,

On “NBC Nightly News” on Tuesday evening, anchor Lester Holt [a Person of Politically Preferred Pigmentation] addressed the Kelly issue. The next day, “Today” did another story on Kelly’s comments, as did MSNBC, which included anchor Craig Melvin [also a PPPP] calling Kelly’s comments “indefensible.”

This is why Kelly should not have apologized or grovelled to the perpetually aggrieved. She prostrated herself before the political correctors and still got the axe. There is really only one fitting response to these new Brownshirts


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