Oh goody another “gun buy back”

Useless, useless, useless

The city of Cleveland is set to host an event that will, among other things, help criminals dump guns used in crimes, thus making it more difficult for police to get convictions. Oh, they don’t advertise it as that. Not by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s what it is.

Instead, they call it a gun buyback program.

Cleveland’s 2018 Gun Buyback will be held October 20. People can exchange their working guns for a gift card for either gas or food, valued at $100 (for handguns) or $200 (for semi-automatic weapons).

“The City of Cleveland is facing the same challenges as most major metropolitan areas with regard to gun violence,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “Cleveland’s Annual Gun Buy Back Program is an important step to getting guns off of our streets. I want to thank all of our residents who participate.”

“We hope that citizens will take part in this program and turn in unwanted firearms because in doing so, you could save a life,” said Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams. “We are fortunate once again to have the sponsorship provided by the Cleveland Police Foundation, ArcelorMittal, Dave’s Supermarkets, True North and Target. Without their backing, this would not be possible.”

The buyback, which takes place October 20, is just another example of well-intentioned people trying their best to end violence by blaming the tool rather than the tool using it.

When will reality dawn on these folks?

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