The wrong way to handle leftist bullies and cultural Stalinists

Here is a tweet from astronaut Scott Kelly that triggered some leftist haters

Churchill was a giant, a man who everyone today owes a massive debt of gratitude, yes even overly sensitive historically uninformed whiners

One of the unwritten rules of social media is avoid inspirational quotes.

American astronaut Scott Kelly put that to the test on Sunday when his use of Winston Churchill quotes landed him in hot water with people who oppose the wartime British prime minister’s views on empire and race.

As usual the leftists demeaned Churchill as worse than Hitler, and evil, and everything else you can imagine. Kelly, for some reason felt the need to grovel before these miscreants

So, Kelly immediately caves and offers to “educate” himself. Pathetic One of the “atrocities” Churchill is blamed for is the Bengal famine. Hillsdale University corrects that here Kelly should have really educated himself rather than caving to a pack of fools who are perpetually aggrieved.

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