Maybe I should have accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault

Why? Because $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

In light of the Christine Blasey Ford allegations Democrats sprang at the last moment, the most obvious question was, “Given the total absence of corroboration, why would anyone on earth believe this woman?” Instead, liberals asked the most asinine question: “What does she have to gain by making up the story?”

That is like asking what a ball player has to gain by hitting a home run in the bottom of the ninth. He helps his team win, obviously. Then, at the personal level, there is fame and fortune.

For example, making similar and demonstrably false allegations established Anita Hill as a rock star among the liberal establishment. Multiple movieshave been made glorifying her. Her books sell because they have her name on them. Her starring role in Clarence Thomas’s high-tech lynching also greased the skids for her academic career.

All that is in the future for Christine Blasey Ford. For the present, she can bask luxuriously in the liberal media’s adulation — and watch the total climb on a GoFundMe page dedicated to raising the 30 pieces of silver she has coming for selling out our system of government with her act of political sabotage. Moonbats who in sane times would donate to a church have instead showered over half a $million and counting upon Professor Ford to express their appreciation and reverence. However, whatever the total finally comes to, her first book deal will dwarf it.

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