Police officer poisoned at restaurant

Via Mombattery

The anti-police ideology glorified on college campuses and by Nike may have filtered down to a McDonald’s in rural Kansas, where an officer was poisoned:

Iola police arrested 22-year-old Trevor Hockaday. Authorities say Hockaday was working at McDonald’s and put a peroxide-based cleaner in an Allen County Deputy’s drink.

Fortunately, this only resulted in flu-like symptoms for the officer and a likely long stint in prison for Hockaday.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

Dave is right, this stems in part from the hate-filled evil the left spews. Hate like this

Georgetown University Distinguished Associate Professor Christine Fair tweeted that white Republican senators in the Brett Kavanaugh hearing deserve to die.

“Look at thus [sic] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement,” Fair tweeted on Thursday. Referencing a video of “Lindsey Graham’s tirade,” Fair, who is a victim of sexual assault, added, “all of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps.”

“Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes,” she concluded the tweet.

She is a bigot, give her a dunce cap and a sheet, or Neo-Nazis tats, she is no different than any other extremist

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