And then the Cultural Stalinists came for…………

Prospector Pete

California State University, Long Beach has agreed to ditch its mascot, “Prospector Pete,” because some find 49er imagery “offensive”.

In a statement issued on September 20, CSULB announced it will “retire” its mascot, “Prospector Pete,” a fictional character who represents the California Gold Rush era.

The decision comes after a decades-long debate over the political correctness of the figure, spurred by complaints that he represents a historical time and place that included violence against Native Americans.

While Prospector Pete is not representative of any one particular person with a history of violence, he is a character meant to represent a caricature of the typical Gold Rush prospector, or “49er.” “Prospectors are believed to be responsible for the killing of indigenous peoples of California,” according to the university.

The mascot originates from a statue, formally named “The Forty-Niner Man,” erected on campus in 1967.  The university notes that the statue was erected before the Equal Opportunity Program existed at CSULB and “brought about a more diverse student population,” a population the college says “found the prospector offensive.”

In other words these “diverse” students found that California history must be cleansed and censored to be truly “diverse” according to the Marxists.

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