Is it just me, or is Jennifer Rubin nuclear grade crazy?

Consider her tweets

Actually, no, it will not, in any way

Oh good grief, sounds like Rubin is drunk tweeting

How would you “prove” someone was drunk 36 years ago? I mean we can prove Rubin is obsessed right now. We can prove whatever money she spent in journalism school was wasted………

Why does Rubin hate old people? And men? And White people? Why is she launching a misogynist smear campaign against this female prosecutor?

Then, there is this bit of idiocy. Rubin blasts Kavanaugh for denying accusations against him? What would this knuckle-dragger prefer Kavanaugh do? Confess even if innocent?

President Trump’s modus operandi in cases in which he or others are accused of sexual assault or harassment is “deny, deny, deny,” Bob Woodward reported in his new book “Fear.” As a dutiful and increasingly political appointee following Trump’s advice, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh has taken this to an extreme.

So, denying something that is untrue is wrong now?

He denies knowing research psychologist Christine Blasey Ford as a teenager or repeatedly drinking to excess. (Just a few beers, declared the Georgetown Prep alumni whose yearbook was filled with drinking references.) Since age 14 (!) he has fought for women, says the man who listed himself in his high school yearbook as a “Renate Alumnius” (along with a dozen other boys), which appears to be an innuendo suggesting that he had sex with this girl. (His excuse that he identified himself as a “Renate Alumni” because they once went on a date and kissed — she denies the kiss — is undercut by all the other boys who used the same obnoxious reference.) The fighter for feminism since he was a teen nevertheless joined a Yale fraternity infamous for its misogynistic chant. His self-image doesn’t match other available evidence.

In other words Kavanaugh might have done what many, many teenage boys do? Interesting

None of the actions themselves would be grounds for disqualifying Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. A simple acknowledgement –“I’m embarrassed what a jerk I was in my teens” — would have gone such a long way in reaffirming his credibility and decency. That was not the road he chose. The danger here is that readily available evidence contradicting these remarkable assertions will undermine his credibility and disqualify him for the Supreme Court.

Well, most teens, male and female are jerks, teens are famous for being jerks. And most of us outgrow that, Rubin may even outgrow it one day too, who knows.

We’ve already seen a pattern of, shall we say, excessive denial in his testimony under oath.

Please go read the rest. Rubin is unhinged, and her scribblings might be funny if they were not so moronic. 

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