The media, and selective coverage of shootings

Some recent shootings have garnered quite a bit of media coverage. All of those involved a bad actor committing murder/attempted murder with a firearm. Nothing wrong with reporting them, but it is these types of stories that somehow, get overlooked by the same media

At a Houston Whataburger for example

Most fast food joints don’t keep armed security personnel on staff, but this one apparently did – and ten customers have him to thank for potentially saving their lives.

Around 1:00 a.m. in Houston this past week, a man walked into a Whataburger restaurant and opened fire.

“I see a dude in a white bandana pull out a gun like it’s a movie or something, and start shooting behind the counter,” said a witness named Jayvier Green.

Immediately, the security guard took action, firing four shots, all of which hit the suspect in the legs. That’s laudable marksmanship on his part, and police agree.

“He’s pretty shaken up,” said Houston officer Cullen Duncan, “but I explained to him and the other officer explained to him, that he did a great job.”

How about this story?

Which brings us to Jeffrey Maurice Burnette, a 27-year-old who decided to act stupidly by opening fire in a small gaming shop in Roanoke, Virginia at 3:15am.

According to police spokeswoman Caitlyn Cline, “Burnette entered the business with a gun and fired several rounds,” after which he was shot by an armed employee. There were several people inside at the time of the shooting, and authorities haven’t yet said whether any of them were wounded. Burnette, however, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Even following a justified defensive shooting, we don’t celebrate death. Too often, it’s young men who haven’t lived to see their 30th birthday who commit these kinds of actions, frequently with fatal consequences.

And despite the bleating of 2A opponents, it’s not the gun’s fault. Burnette decided to pull the trigger, and it’s a good thing the employee behind the counter had the means to defend himself and his customers. Yet another case of a good guy with a gun saving lives.

So, why didn’t these stories get as much publicity? Wanna take a guess?

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