Well there goes NYC again

Pirates Cove reports on New Yawks latest descent into idiocy

How did it come to pass that Democrats are super enthused to protect people who are illegally present in the U.S., who steal the identities and social security numbers of legal citizens, ruining lives, who kill, rape, murder, sexually assault children, rob, steal, commit arson, and so many other crimes? And it’s come to the point that they are demanding that the agency which is tasked with stopping illegals is disbanded


The New York City Council passed a resolution Wednesday calling on the federal government to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which enforces the nation’s immigration laws.

Democratic Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal sponsored the resolution, which passed in a voice vote.

“ICE, under the direction of President [Donald] Trump, has demonstrated an inability to fulfil [sic] its duties without violating due process, human rights, transparency, public accountability, or an adherence to domestic and international law,” the resolution states.

America “does not need an opaque and rogue agency operating in our communities, dehumanizing our neighbors, and acting without consequence,” the resolution adds.

Socialist morons

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