Could Senator Cory Booker be any more phony or condescending?

Yes, I know, that is a silly question

Speaking at the Texas Democrats’ Johnson-Jordan Dinner in Austin, Booker dismissed the patriotic importance of American symbolism, a topic that has been ripping through Texas, asserting that “it’s not how loud you say the pledge of allegiance or whether you stand or kneel for the national anthem,” but rather how much one loves other Americans. “You cannot love your country unless love your fellow countrymen. And that’s hard in this context. It is very hard. The calls to tribalism in our country are louder than they’ve ever been,” Booker told the crowd. “I hear people judging folks just because of what party they say they’re in.”

Taking a veiled shot at Cornyn, Booker called out the senior Texas senator, proclaiming his love for his fellow colleague while defending his combative resistance.

“I’m never going to let any American pull me so low as to hate them. I don’t care if you’re the president of the United States. I don’t care if you’re the senior senator from the state of Texas,” Booker continued. “You are my fellow American. I will fight your policy. I will resist your broken ideas. But I will love you as a fellow American.”

Good Freaking Grief. This from a guy who spews some of the most divisive rhetoric going?

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