One thing that bugs me………

OK, to be fair lots of things bug me. But one that really gets me is when people say “Oh he said all the right things”. or “They said what I wanted to hear”. Really? I far prefer the truth. I do not need bs, or words with no honesty. While bartending at the airport here in Dallas, I even had a guy get angry with me once because when he asked me if he had time to get lunch before his flight I was honest and told him no. “Well that is not what I want to hear!” he retorted. So why did he ask? Yes, he sat down, ordered, and ended up having to leave before he got his food, gee who could have seen that coming? Wanting to hear a certain thing more than wanting the truth is a fool’s errand.

I mean sure, every time I ask an attractive woman to dinner I would love to hear her say “Let’s skip dinner and I can model my new Wonder Woman outfit for you. It even has a golden lasso”. But if I end up tied up with her golden lasso and my wallet missing…… oh sure like that has never happened to you, then her promises of kinky pleasures do me no good do they? Of course not!

So stop saying “Tell me what I want to hear”! I mean someone told Neville Chamberlain what he “wanted” to hear once, how did that turn out again?  Feral Irishman reminds us where hearing what we want to leads us

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