How NOT to use a firearm

Good Freaking grief, what an asshole

PORTSMOUTH — A Summer Street man was charged Thursday with three felonies in connection with shots fired in the direction of a teenager, who was driving away after entering the home while looking for a party at 3:30 a.m. earlier this month.

Mark D. Gray, 44, of 140 Summer St., is charged with two counts of reckless conduct and criminal threatening, all Class B felonies.

Portsmouth police say a teenage girl who lives at 140 Summer St. invited the teenage boy to a gathering via social media on Aug. 18. Due to a miscommunication, the boy was unaware the party was at a different location, not the girl’s home, according to police.

When the boy arrived at 140 Summer St., police said, he found the door unlocked and entered the home, waking the residents. The teenage boy then fled from the home and entered his vehicle, which was parked on Summer Street. The residents exited the home and encountered the boy, police said, and shots were fired in the direction of the vehicle “as it fled from the area,” police said.

Again, that is not self-defense, that is reckless and foolish. I have said it before, you break in my home, I will use my firearm to defend my family. But if you flee, run away, drive away, any of the above, I have no legal case to fire my weapon. 

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