Noted extortionist David Hogg targets Smith & Wesson

Mr. Skinny Arms is back, yipping like a butthurt chihuahua

Yeah, sure, that tactic will work right? Ah, no!


Kid, you’re out of your depth.

You see, boycotts only work when you get people who would otherwise buy a product not to do so.  If you want to boycott Ford, you buy a Chevy instead, for example.

However, most people won’t boycott Bugatti simply because they were never going to buy a Bugatti anyway.

In a similar vein, Hogg’s threats to take down Smith & Wesson are empty for one simple reason: Smith & Wesson customers generally think David Hogg is a twit who needs to learn what the hell he’s talking. They’re not about to boycott Smith & Wesson because some pretentious teenager who thinks he matters tells them to boycott the company.

The people who follow Hogg are anti-gun activists, not gun owners. Oh, there might be one or two gun owners in there, but by and large, they’re rabid anti-gun activists who think firearms are awful. Hell, the handful who may own guns now isn’t exactly the kind of people who will be buying another in the near future.

Of course Hogg can thump his chest and brag that he “took on” Smith & Wesson. The media hacks and ignorant celebrities will cheer his “courage”, but Tom Knighton is right. This is a massive fail right out of the gate

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