And now, more Cultural Stalinism

One way to destroy a nation is to erase its history

The last remaining memorials to Confederate President Jefferson Davis have been removed from New Mexico rest areas along Interstate 10, the main east-west route across the state, New Mexico officials have said.

The state Department of Transportation announced last week all memorials to the U.S. Civil War-era Confederacy were removed after people posted messages about them on social media, The Santa Fe New Mexican reports .

“We believe that they have all been removed, but we encourage anyone with knowledge of any others to let us know and we will have them removed immediately,” said department spokeswoman Emilee Cantrell.

See IMMEDIATE removal for all history that is inconvenient, complicated. “offensive”, etc.

Even in Kentucky, which is the birth land for Davis, and Lincoln, a Davis plaque was “cleansed” from existence. So, how long until we ban battle reenactments? What about removing any reference in history books to the War Between the States? Or the Confederacy? Think it will not happen?

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