Shannon Watts : Reality is like incovenient

Leftism, is an ideology of convenience. Leftists will take whatever talking point or view is convenient to them at that moment. And reality is usually very inconvenient to leftists like Shannon Watts who responded to this tweet by retreating into fantasy land

Watts, who blocked me, and most other gun rights folks, responded with this

We don’t have to live this way. Vote wisely:

So, Watts is upset that teachers should be trained in any sort of self-defense or first aid techniques? She envisions a panacea where none of that is needed because no one has guns. That, of course is nothing short of living in Denial Land. Bad people are out there. And banning all guns would not change that. Consider the knife attacks on school children and others in the UKJapan and China. The absence of firearms did not dissuade evil people there. And it would not here either. Watts seems aggrieved that anyone should feel a need to be prepared to act if attacked, or even to aid wounded innocents. Shannon Watts is a sad case, but her voice is common on the left. They prefer to blame guns, or the NRA, or law abiding gun owners than to teach people any form or preparedness.

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