Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Teen saves her mother from abusive asshole

Not only do good guys with guns save lives — so do good girls with guns, like a 15-year-old North Carolina girl who used one to stop her mother’s abusive boyfriend, Steven Kelley, from potentially killing her mother.

During the altercation on Aug. 8, Kelley attacked the teen’s mother and began strangling her at the home they all shared with the teen’s two siblings. Instead of watching in horror or dialing 911, the teen’s 12-year-old brother retrieved a hidden revolver that she then used to fatally shoot Kelley twice, killing him.

How did she know what to do? Because of her deceased father: “The late father had taught the children how to shoot,” local district attorney Ted Bell said to the Associated Press.

Well done, dad. Well done. It helped too that the teen’s mother had recently placed weapons around their home in case her increasingly volatile boyfriend tried to hurt them. Because of the nature of the shooting, Bell has no intention of charging the unnamed teen or her mother.

“It was absolutely clear that the mom’s life was in jeopardy, as well as potentially the children, and so in that situation we absolutely support the right of somebody to defend themselves and others with deadly force,” he said.

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