And then Climate Change killed off Bloody Marys

From Pirates Cove

This is simply horrible. Horrible. What are we going to do?

Bloody Marys Kill Hangovers, but Climate Change May Kill the Bloody Mary

Grub Street went deep on the impact of climate change on the surprisingly large number of ingredients that go into a Bloody Mary on Wednesday. It’s an great piece but the news isn’t good for enthusiasts of the drunk’s favorite soup.

The experts Grub Street spoke to agreed that the ingredients that make up Bloody Marys may be threatened by our changing climate, as tomatoes, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, and more could be impacted by climate change, which would in turn impact a bartender’s ability to make a half-decent Bloody Mary if your goddamn hangover won’t subside and can someone tell me why the sun is so fucking bright?

Perhaps the news will be enough to get out the brunch crowd vote — one bar manager that Inverse spoke with says Bloody Marys and other drinks with produce could increase in price by about 15 percent in her location due to a rise in produce and vodka costs for the establishment.

(blah blah blah)

Clearly, if we want to continue enjoying Bloody Marys, the beloved boozy brunch beverage, we’ve got to get serious about climate change before it’s too late to save the booze.

The panic mongering is deep here.

By the way, bloody marys do NOT cure hangovers. A hangover is, basically, a very mild case of alcohol poisoning. To add more booze to that is not going to cure your hangover. The tomato juice might help, as will drinking water. The more water you drink, the more you pee, the quicker the booze is gone from your body. Yes, pain-killers help, and so do drinks like Gator Ade Why should you believe me? Years of bartending and yes, science

If you think drinking more alcohol will fix all your problems, think again. “The body is going through withdrawal symptoms from overindulging, and drinking more just prevents more withdrawal symptoms,” says Engs. That unlimited mimosa brunch isn’t a fix, instead you’re giving your body more toxins to deal with, delaying a future (and probably worse) hangover.

I would also add here that if you are a man NEVER drink a mimosa, at any time. This reminds me I need to do a podcast or do’s and don’ts at a bar soon

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