The only thing progressive about progressives is that things get progressively worse under their rule. Via Moonbattery

Leftists are nihilists, as you can ascertain within a minute by asking one about intelligent design. They believe in nothing so adamantly that suggesting there is more to reality than some absurd random accident evokes artificially superior smirks if not bellows of rage. This provides a clue as to what progressives are ultimately progressing toward. Maybe they want to actualize the great nothing they worship by erasing everything in existence, one regulation at a time. Already they have moved beyond banning things that can actually cause harm to devote full-scale jihads to objects as innocuous as plastic bags and drinking straws. Brace yourself as enlightened liberals forbid cows, glitter, balloons, and automobiles.

Always eager to push the boundaries of kooky tyranny, California has it in for cows, on the insane grounds that they make it be too hot out:

California regulators are working to formulate a plan that would require dairy farmers to purchase and operate devices known as “methane digesters,” which convert the methane gas, produced from manure, into electricity.

California dairy farms will have to be retrofitted with these devices in order to be in compliance with SB 1383.

The devices cost millions and appear to be intended not so much to improve the weather as to drive dairy farmers out of business.

No farms, no farm animals. You don’t see many cows in the wild.

They should have checked first with sacred gays on this one; lefty totalitarians are going after glitter:

Most glitters are in essence teeny tiny bits of shiny plastic, called microplastics. They are a well-known environmental hazard for the world’s oceans, and they’re currently a hot topic in the United Kingdom. The UK next year will implement a ban on microbeads — a type of microplastic found in face washes, body scrubs and other products. (The US already has a partial ban on microbeads in place.)

Go read it all

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