Your MUST READ Post of the Day

Yes, I said MUST READ. H/T to Mike McDaniel

The Lord’s Prayer, Episcopal version:

Our being of indeterminate gender, to be debated by people who aren’t sure of such things either, who art in Heaven, or another place to be determined as woke Episcopalians evolve.

Hallowed be thy non-gender specific name, sexual orientation or thy preferred pronoun.

Thy people’s republic come, thy will be done, unless it interferes with diversity, inclusion, sexual orientation or gender equity, on Earth as it is in Heaven or that aforementioned other place.

Give us this day our daily trigger warnings, and forgive us our microaggressions, as we forgive those who microaggress against us–except deplorables, who shalt always be irredeemable.

And lead us not into conservatism but deliver us from white privilege.

For thine–who and whatever thine might be today–is the people’s republic, the exercise of socialist, non-gendered power, and the glory which we decide to allow thee.

For ever and ever, or until we decide a deity is unsustainable.

Amen–if we decide that’s OK too.

Go read it all!

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