GREAT NEWS! Judge gives slap on the wrist to violent Antifa thug

Via Moonbattery

Readers may recall that Clanton, a former college professor, attacked people at a Trump rally in Berkeley with a metal bike lock, causing significant injuries. Using public violence as a political intimidation tactic is classic Antifa. He was caught on video. One of his victims required five staples to close up head lacerations.

Now we learn his punishment.

Having been charged with four felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily injury (although he actually struck at least seven people in the head), Clanton pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge in Alameda County Superior Court.

The felony charges against him were dismissed, and an allegation that he had caused serious bodily injury was stricken. A misdemeanor charge that Clanton wore a mask during the commission of the crime also was dropped.

Shockingly, he was let off with 3 years of probation.

Clanton doesn’t just act like an Antifa goon. He is one:

Police wrote that they had found evidence last year during a search of Clanton’s home in San Leandro linking him to “Anti-Fascists and Anarchy political groups,” according to court papers. He was not home when police arrived, so officers moved to a second address in West Oakland where they said they found flags, patches and pamphlets “associating Clanton” with antifa and anarchist groups.

Police also found selfies of Clanton dressed up in his sinister Black Bloc costume. He even has an “Iron Front” Antifa tattoo on his arm.

Good Freaking Grief

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