Then they banned the word man

The left wishes to eradicate everything normal, including gender

Movie star and child actor Jerry O’Connell apologized for using the word “man,” in the title for his upcoming show.

The “Jerry Maguire” actor is slotted to headline Bravo TV’s upcoming series, formerly named “Real Men Watch Bravo.” The show is intended to break down popular female-focused shows like “The Real Housewives,” “Million Dollar Listing,” and “Vanderpump Rules,” from a male lens.

The name itself was intended to play off the name of Bravo’s most popular show, “The Real Housewives.”

But many people took issue with the name, claiming it was sexist and homophobic. Most recently, the U.K. Guardian ripped the Bravo brainchild in an article headlined, “Real Men Watch Bravo: New Late-Night Show Promises No Female Guests.”

Despite the fact that most Bravo shows are targeted at a female audience, critics of O’Connell’s forthcoming show saw it as misogynistic.

Jerry O’Connell apologized for offending anyone.

“There will be no more mention of gender in that title or anything; we’re really sorry about that,” he said during an open panel at AOL’s Build Series this week. “We really heard everyone’s issues with it, and we made sure to change it.”

And again, the new Brownshirts win because no one stands up to them and tells them the two words they should hear. Yes, those words

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