Texas Tech Police: Yes campus carry has made school safer

Cult of Gun Control, and their narratives hardest hit

On at least one campus, the police believe campus carry is a good thing and has made their school safer.

Campus carry has been law in Texas for two years now, and Texas Tech police say the law makes the university a safer place.

They say the policy even deters potential active shooters from attempting a mass shooting situation.

“I believe it makes the campus a safer place, to live, learn and educate,” said Amy Ivey, a lieutenant at the Texas Tech Police Department.

Tech police say in a potential active shooter situation, someone might be able to stop it if they are armed.

Now, Texas Tech doesn’t just count on campus carry to make the school safe. They also do active shooter training that also includes going hands-on with a shooter.

That said, there’s something that needs to be talked about that’s not specifically mentioned here, but is implied.

While the Texas Tech police believe campus carry has made their school safer, what they’re not talking about are problems arising from students being able to carry firearms on campus. That’s important.

You see, one of the criticisms against campus carry was that a whole host of problems would arise. That doesn’t seem to be happening. If this particular department was having issues, it’s unlikely they’d say it made their school safer. Why? Because if these problems existed, it wouldn’t be.

Anti-gunners gave a whole litany of reasons why campus carry was a mistake, including things liked guns being used at drunken parties, stressed students murdering professors over bad grades, and a whole host of other nonsense. None of that appears to be the going on.

Facts are indeed stubborn things. But the Cult is not interested in facts. Those who are seeking to destroy the right own firearms will not let facts deter them. But, facts can influence folks who are undecided, or maybe do not know much about firearms. Anyone, in short, with an open mind. And please understand the left is actively trying to sway those people with narratives, emotionalistic arguments, and fear. So, keep talking to people, facts, when presented in a reasonable manner, I believe, will trump the rhetoric every time. So, do not be afraid to speak up for our rights. Do not fear engaging in the debate.

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