OK kids, who is ready for some genuine leftist butt hurt?

Pirates Cove exposes how triggered the left is over folks who want the nanny state to get away from their straws

The left, generally speaking does not grasp the concept of liberty.

Luke O’Neill seems pretty darned upset over this state of affairs, and even links this to the culture wars

How plastic straws became the latest victim in the US culture wars

Typically a young woman posting a photo of herself posing with a gun to social media wouldn’t be all that surprising in 2018 America. A show of political defiance, photos like these have become commonplace in the ongoing debate about gun control in the country. But in one such photo posted to Twitter this past weekend, it’s the accessory that went with the gun that stood out. Not a box of ammunition or a shooting target, but a drinking straw. Welcome to the latest front in America’s never ending culture war, where possession of a tool of mass refreshment is now a form of protest.

In the photo, posted by Alana Mastrangelo, a writer and political activist known for provocative Twitter stunts, she spelled out her intent

Allow me to say that this young lady is hot and grasps the concepts of liberty quite well . The left, naturally only grasps statism, as the author states as only a smug contrl monger can

Nothing angers the American right so much as trying to make their lives somewhat better.

No, nothing angers the right as much as pinheaded leftists who want dictate our every move, word, and deed. Pardon us if we do not want a bunch of central planning knuckle-draggers running our lives

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