Nicole Wallace contracts Selective Outrage Syndrome

Remember when Wallace pretended to have some Republican values? Not any more!

When Antifa thugs stirred up drama last year at the Charlottesville rally, where a feud between them and white supremacists led to the death of an innocent protester, MSNBC contributor and pretend “conservative” commentator Nicolle Wallace praised them as “good people” on “the side of angels.”

But when supporters of President Donald Trump merely heckled CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta at a rally this week — in part because of their frustration with all the liesthat CNN routinely tells — Wallace responded differently.

This time she lashed out, aiming her fury specifically at White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Why Sanders? Because when asked during Tuesday’s briefing about the hecklers’ behavior, Sanders said, “While we certainly support freedom of the press, we support freedom of speech and we think those things go hand in hand.”

“We’re not going to air that anymore!” Wallace shouted Wednesday morning on “Morning Joe” after playing a clip of Sanders speaking at Tuesday’s briefing. “Let’s make that the last Sarah Huckabee Sanders clip at 4 o’clock. That is it. You know, that makes me sweat! That is vile!”

She is like a puppet, and MSNBS pulls her stings. What is vile are people who will say anything that they think benefits them. By the way Nicole, here is what should make you “sweat”. The amount of venom Trump supporters, and even those that try to list his accomplishments as president endure

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