Again, the Left destroys everything they touch

This is an idea so idiotic only a leftist could embrace it

In my years of bartending, I rarely worked more than 40 hours, and I made north of $45,000, usually around $50,000 some years more. So why would I want to make $15 bucks an hour and take a serious paycut? Why would anyone bartend or wait tables for $30,000 a year? Not too mention the restaurant owners would have to raise prices to account for the increased payroll, so fewer folks would go out to eat, so more servers, bartenders would be let go. Again, only leftists could find this a good idea. And, AGAIN, this would hurt workers not help them.

Of course, the left is out to get 91-year-old women in wheelchairs too because EQUALITY!

Prince George’s County filed a legal case against a Laurel couple in their 90s over a wheelchair ramp in their own home. To avoid legal trouble, the elderly couple’s son tore down the ramp, trapping the woman in her own home. The county permitting department said the family had no permit to build a wheelchair ramp in front of their own home.

“I don’t want my husband trying to lift me now,” said 91 year old Evelyn Strahle

“There was an inspector that showed up here twice when I was here and I asked him why couldn’t he just inspect it and tell me if there was anything I needed to do to make any improvements on it so that it would fit permitting requirements but he said that wasn’t the process and I had to go through the long route,” explained son Bob Strahle.

Bob submitted plans and tried to file for a permit but was denied because he built the ramp before asking county government. Prince George’s County mailed an order to the parents, demanding they show to District Court May 16th. The county sought compliance with building code. The order warned in bold lettering “if you fail to comply with such default order, you may be subject to fines or imprisonment, or both, for contempt of court.”

The county now admits it made a mistake. Really? The county should be made to pay for a new ramp, OUT OF POCKET, no tax dollars. the idiots that screwed this up should either pay,or be fired.

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