So, Summers are hot? We are DOOMED!

Pirates Cove has the latest panic mongering

Why Is It So Hot? Climate Expert Says ‘This Is The New Normal’

“We’re seeing this hot weather in different regions for different reasons,” Dr Michael Byrne, a climate scientist at Imperial College London, told Newsweek.

The unusually hot weather over northern Europe can be attributed to a large high pressure system sitting over the area which is providing hot, clear and calm conditions. (snip)

But there is also a deeper explanation. “The hot weather that’s being experienced around the world, we are very confident as a climate science community that this is strongly linked to climate change,” said Dr Byrne. (snip)

“We are rapidly approaching the time,” Dr. Byrne said, “when these heat waves are going to become the new normal. The question is how we mitigate and adapt to those changes.”

What is left but to freak out, right?


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