Starbuck’s war on straws, and the disabled

Why are so many corporations intent on overreacting to every perceived “injustice”?

Were Starbucks not so deserving of being made to suffer the consequences of the company’s incessant virtue signaling, one might be tempted to feel sorry for it.

The Seattle-based bean juice chain hasn’t been able to catch a break lately after the firestorm over a former manager’s calling of the police on two loiterers who refused to leave. Normally that would be called trespassing but then the men happened to be black it quickly became yet another racial incident.

Instead of just disciplining the manager and apologizing, Starbucks panicked after it was attacked by the social media mob and shortly thereafter, announced that it would be closing 8,000 stores down to conduct “unconscious bias” quack science brainwashing sessions.

Then came the cave-in when a person of color was denied use of one of the chain’s restrooms and within hours, Starbucks delighted the homeless, drug addicts and dealers as well as prostitutes by announcing that the chain’s restrooms would be open to everyone who wanted to use them.

But that just wasn’t enough for Starbucks. With the new socialist craze being the banning of plastic straws and utensils in select Democrat-controlled cities, the corporation announced that it would itself be implementing a straw ban by 2020. It felt good but soon it was revealed that the new sippy-cup lids that would replace the straws actually used MORE plastic which would seem to defeat the stated purpose of being environmentally friendly.

But the straw ban has also earned Starbucks the ire of advocacy groups for disabled people who are blasting the decision as being punitive to those who are unable to drink without a straw

Stupid on steroids! The leadership at Starbucks, and some other large companies is woke, moronic they rush to appease every leftist who raises a fuss without considering consequences, or what their customer base might think.

Papa Johns is right behind you Starbucks, racing for the Pit of Stupidity

Following the resignation of Papa John’s founder and CEO, the pizza chain has announced that it is taking steps to remedy the brand.

In a tweet sent out Wednesday, the company announced that it has hired “outside experts” and is committed to ensuring that the company’s “culture is diverse, inclusive and equitable for all.”

They just cannot fail fast enough can they?

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