Some thoughts on the latest round of Trump Derangement Syndrome outbreaks

First these cogent thoughts from a wise man

Yes, yes,  President Trump is at the moment either a blatant traitor to Truth, Justice and the American Way, or the best 4D chess player ever, with almost nobody taking anything like a middle ground.  I get that.  I’ll probably have something to say about the Helsinki thing after the overt RHEEEEEEE from, honestly, both sides has stopped, and I’ve done some reading and had some time to think things over

That the left is descending into deeper levels of batshit crazy over a summit where they do not know what was said behind closed doors is of no surprise. that they wish Congress to force the interpreter to reveal what was said is of no surprise either. We know what the left is, we know they are in panic mode because the president’s policies are benefiting the country. We know they cannot grasp that Americans are so past fed up with politicians, and their games. What does surprise me is that so many Republicans do not get it either. Here is a hint GOP establishment. Do not act like Democrats. Start doing your jobs, you know, what you were elected to do. Put the country ahead of your politics. 

The fact is this. What Putin and Trump said behind closed doors is known only to very very few people. So, dear political talking heads, stop trying to impress us by microanalyzing what was said behind those doors. Syop trying to show us all how smart you are by making asses of yourselves. Stop trying to over analyze a press conference. Stop the outrage, and the hyperbole. Stop hyperventilating because the president did not say the exact words you think he should have said in a useless press conference. Stop! In short, act like you do have a brain, especially you on the right. I expect such idiocy from the left, not from Republicans who ought to know better.

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