Oh Good Freaking Grief!

I understand the grief of losing someone you love, and my heart aches for your loss, but………………

If your relative breaks in someone’s home to rob them, they might get shot, and if they do, it is very likely their fault!

In this case, a man killed in an Iowa store burglary is as pure as the driven snow or something. Well, maybe not. The family at least admits he was in the wrong for stealing, but they still think he shouldn’t be dead.

Police said that business owner 67-year-old Thomas Kraft, of Des Moines, discovered the burglary when he arrived at the store and found a pickup truck loaded with his merchandise.

Kraft shot and killed an intruder, identified as 37-year-old Amund Haarstad, of Fergus Falls, Minnesota, police said. It’s the city’s sixth homicide so far this year.

There was still broken glass and a broken door at the scene Wednesday night. Kraft was taken to a hospital for an unrelated medical issue.

“There’d been some forced entry into the business, and there was a pickup truck parked in the service bay that had been loaded with property,” Des Moines police Sgt. Paul Parizek said.

Haarstad’s sister, who spoke on the condition that KCCI not use her name, said he suffered from drug addiction and should not have burglarized the Des Moines store.

She also said Kraft had been wrong in taking the situation into his own hands and shooting her brother.

“He doesn’t have a history of violence,” Haarstad’s sister said in a telephone interview with KCCI from the family’s Minnesota home.

Because Kraft would have known that the moment he confronted a man with an addiction to drugs and a propensity for taking other people’s stuff (sarcasm).

The sister is convinced that Kraft walked into the business with the intent to kill her brother.

“If you know somebody is in there and you walk in armed, and you shoot them in the head, that is absolutely premeditated,” she argued.

The facts will play out, and if the shooting was unnecessary, may justice be done. Here is more background

Kraft and the burglar, later identified as 37-year-old Amund Benjamin Haarstad (below), had a confrontation before Kraft pulled his gun and fatally shot the intruder. Haarstad had already been convicted of felony-level assault.

So, he was a violent man, and drug addiction can cause violent behavior. 

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