Leftist showboat in Chicago

They are all about PR, not about stopping violence in Chicago, as Zendo Deb reminds us

Particularly not one that’s only purpose is PR Anti-violence protesters shut down part of Chicago freeway

Father Pfleger, Jesse Jackson and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson made sure they all got good press coverage. And shut down the northbound lanes of one of the busiest interstate highways in the nation, The Dan Ryan Expressway through Chicago.

Father Pfleger loves to blame the inanimate objects that the bad guys use to do harm. NEVER do they blame the bad guys. Though in the referenced article no mention of gun-control is made. (Personally I think that the media may just be getting tired of him.)

Hollow, false compassion. Look at us we care! Donate to our cause, we care! Yeah, these miscreants care, about their donations and publicity.

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