Latest thing to trigger college snowflakes?


The University of Wyoming has come under fire for its new slogan, “The World Needs More Cowboys,” with opponents complaining that the word “cowboy” is sexist and non-inclusive.

The marketing campaign, set to launch in September, was designed to increase enrollment and attract new out-of-state students, but according to The Laramie Boomerang, the UW Committee on Women and People of Color wrote a letter to university officials demanding that they “shelve” the slogan in favor of a new one that “represents the diversity of the people and cultures” at UW.

“I am not the only person for whom the word ‘cowboy’ invokes a white, macho, male, able-bodied, heterosexual, U.S.-born person,” associate professor of kinesiology and health Christine Porter told the Boomerang.

“The history of cowboys, of course, is much more diverse than that racially, and presumably also for sexual orientation,” she conceded. “But the image—what the word ‘cowboy’ means off the top of almost everybody’s head in the U.S.—is the white, heterosexual male.”

Happily, the university is NOT going to placate the miscreants

The university, however, is undaunted by the criticism, emphasizing that the term is intended to evoke “the spirit of the cowboy that we all kind of share in.”

“The university is moving forward with the marketing campaign,” UW communications director Chad Baldwin told Campus Reform.

“The criticism of the slogan as being sexist, racist, and offensive simply does not hold water in the context of the overall campaign,” Baldwin added. “‘Cowboys’ is the university’s official mascot and nickname, and the upcoming campaign casts it in a way that we have demonstrated is effective in catching the attention of prospective students from outside Wyoming.”

BRAVO! Now if only Iowa State can get over the Tree of Oppression!

Students at Iowa State University encountered a new form of arboreal activism on campus this week in the form of a “Tree of Oppression” funded by the student government.

According to the images obtained by Campus Reform, the tree is located on campus and appeared to have several multi-colored plastic chains wrapped around its trunk and branches. The political display was also accompanied by a “tree of oppression” sign that explained the message behind the initiative

“This tree represents the countless identities that face oppression on campus each day,” the sign read. “Each color represents a different identity waiting to break the chains of bondage.”

Want the truth? The only people oppressing these whiners is their own desperate need to be victims.

2 thoughts on “Latest thing to trigger college snowflakes?”

  1. “But the image—what the word ‘cowboy’ means off the top of almost everybody’s head in the U.S.—is the white, heterosexual male.”
    It seems that this wonderfully tolerant woman feels that the rest of us are bigots who automatically think that a cowboy is a white, heterosexual male. Could it be that it is chiefly due to the fact that for most of history, the large percentage of Cowboys have been white, heterosexual males. It is kind of like saying that most people, when asked to describe a NFL football player, automatically default to a white male heterosexual. The reason for that is that traditionally all NFL football players have been of that population segment.
    These liberals fail to realize that accepting reality does not in any way mean that reality means bigotry and racism and sexism. There are certainly women and people of color who are cowboys, and have been for all time. That is not the norm, which is why the default position is the opposite. It has nothing to do with the issues that she brings up, and she is only trying to make an issue where none exists.
    It occurs to me that if some of these snowflakes would spend their time on actually making an attempt at reaching those on the other side and affecting a dialog, instead of raising a false flag, they could perhaps not only gain some supporters but also teach others to be less judgemental. By being so totally ridiculous and out of the mainstream, they actually are hurting their cause more than they are helping it.

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