Justice Mike Lee? We can hope

Would love this to come true

President Trump has privately asked advisers for their thoughts on the possibility of nominating Utah Sen. Mike Lee (R) to the Supreme Court as Justice Anthony Kennedy’s replacement, according to a Thursday report.

Three sources familiar with the White House search for a new justice told Bloomberg News that Trump has raised the possibility of Lee, whom he believes would easily pass a Senate confirmation vote.

The one reservation I would have is giving up a Senate seat. Apparently I am not alone

According to Bloomberg, Trump’s main concern about nominating Lee stems from his desire to see Republicans retain control of the Senate after November’s midterms, when Democrats need a net gain of two seats to retake the upper chamber.

Advisers have assured the president that the seat would remain reliably Republican, though Trump reportedly countered by noting that he received the same advice about the seat once held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that was won last year by Sen. Doug Jones (D).

I know I wish Sessions had never been named AG. He was a very good senator, and there were much better choices for AG, but, I think the GOP would hold that seat. Unless noted idiot Roy Moore decided torun of course

One thought on “Justice Mike Lee? We can hope”

  1. Kind of hoping for Andrew Napolitano myself, but that’s a long shot.

    I’ll be tuning in to legacy media on the 9th, just to hear lefty heads exploding. It will be glorious.

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