Your Douche Bag of the Day

Steve Schmidt Douchebag!
And now, Steve Schmidt, Douchebag!

Former “Republican” Steve Schmidt goes over, over the top

Of course he knows there  are no internment camps for babies or for anyone, but he is so engulfed in hatred for Trump that truth matters not. What this enormous douche has done is to spit on the graves of everyone whoever suffered in gulags, or Nazi death camps. Of course he is also minimizing the suffering of people in Cuba and Venezuela as well. What an insufferable miscreant

One thought on “Your Douche Bag of the Day”

  1. The political groups are self-selecting into echo chambers, choir preaching, and talk-it-out circles. Like nine-year-old girls.
    Reason and logic appear to have been ejected in favor of reflex, emotion, and fiction. Makes for interesting theater, for a while, but that play is running far too long.

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