The campaign of cultural and historical Stalinism continues

These fools actually think they are on the right side of history? Soon there will be no history left

So, what good will actually be done here? Do these folks think people actually care that much what a road is called? Have they done any in depth studying of Jefferson Davis? Have they thought what else $27,000 might be used for? I would surmise all three questions would get a resounding no! The Mayor, of course, wrapped herself in a cloak of glory for this action

Alexandria Mayor Allison Silberberg, however, supported the highway name change.

“It speaks to who we are. That we are a city of kindness and compassion, a city where we’re not just tolerant but embracing and accepting where diversity is a core value,” Silberberg told WJLA-TV.

Hmmm, so excluding a famous, and key historical figure in “inclusive”? It is “diverse”? An act that offends many Southerners who ancestors fought in the War Between the States honors “core values”?

“Hopefully when it does change people will be aware of how offensive it is because it’s built on slavery. We’re trying to move past the racial barriers of everything. Maybe this can be a start,” Mitchell said.

What is “built on slavery”? The road? The state? The city? Perhaps Mitchell has that leftist attitude that everything in America is “built on slavery”? I would pose this question to her. Will she support removing the names of Washington, or Jefferson from roads, schools, etc.? I ponder this. Is she aware that this type of historical erasure does not stop once it is commenced?

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