Insufferable Douchebag Donny Deutsch

Assholes gonna be assholes

Ah, the left and their fascination with Nazi comparisons. But, again, when truth does not matter, and morals are inconvenient, you get jackasses like Donny Douche here. This is who MSNBS is, so, take Donny boys advice in November folks. Remember who the wackos and extremists are. Remember who the folks fomenting violence are

One thought on “Insufferable Douchebag Donny Deutsch”

  1. Donny,

    I don’t think you know what the word Nazi means. If we were Nazis we would have kicked in your door by now and sent you off to a concentration camp. Or maybe you would have been put to your knees and executed in front of friends and family.

    The real Nazis used fear and intimidation to put down any descent. Come to think of it that is what the Democrats and leftists are doing right now.

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