The Cult of Gun Control wants solutions?

Sure, as long as those solutions involve disarming the law abiding, making self-defense, and defense of schools harder. Tom Knighton explains

People like this opinion writer:

I led my first mass shooting drill in January 2013, a month after the horrific Sandy Hook massacre. My colleagues and I spent hours developing plans. Was it better to escape or to shelter in place or to fight back with the blocks and tennis balls a police captain had advised we have on hand? Which students might freeze? Which might run? My classroom was less than 10 seconds from the school’s entrance. What could that mean?

“Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over,” British journalist Dan Hodges tweeted, citing Sandy Hook. Indeed, as I installed blackout curtains and introduced my students to our designated hiding space (bring a book to read silently, word directions carefully so no one’s alarmed, present the drill as a game), I waited for legislative change that never came.

During the 2017-18 year, there has been, on average, a school shooting every single week of the year. While guns-rights advocates have come up with an appalling list of anti-solutions, what they’re unwilling to do is have a productive conversation on gun reform. As the eighth graders at St. Cornelius, let alone the students of Parkland, Santa Fe and other communities can attest, those of us responsible for protecting students have failed.

Now, those “anti-solutions” include allowing teachers to be armed so they can defend themselves with more than blocks and tennis balls, as this woman says she was told to do. It also includes hardening our schools, making it easier to defend them, and including a different alarm so teachers and students will know not to respond as they would to a fire, thus giving a shooter a more target-rich environment.

Yeah, complete non-solutions.

The writer here is trying to paint us as unreasonable, yet she’s the one who is refusing to have any conversation that doesn’t ultimately give her exactly what she wants. Further, what she wants is nothing less than an infringement on our civil liberties, and yet we’re the unreasonable ones?

I am really beyond sick of the “Americans think shootings are OK” crap. How condescending, and inaccurate can an argument be. But that is the summation of the mindset of The Cult of Gun Control. There is only one problem in their minds, guns! And thus, only one solution, ban guns! They never move past that single argument. And, I am also tired of these single minded emoters buying the false, outrageously inflated stats on the number of schools shootings in this nation.

I truly wish these folks wanted REAL reform, and safety. Instead, they have useless talking points like finding a way for this to “never happen again” or that every child in America quakes in fear of going to school now. And I am tired of the argument that all we have to do is trade our rights in and all violence will stop. That is a fool’s errand frankly. Good people ceding liberties will never stop bad people and their evil acts.

One thought on “The Cult of Gun Control wants solutions?”

  1. we do have a problem in America, one of it’s manifestations is mass shootings, both in schools and else where.
    but the leftists and liberals DO NOT want to look at the real root cause.
    that root is the degredation of moral values in this country. no longer is life the most valuable commodity on earth. no longer is age and wisdom worthy of respect. no longer is authority respected. no longer are the traditional values of marrage, fidelity and monogamy held in high esteam.
    no longer is faith and religion an essential part of most peoples daily life. no longer is God permitted in out schools.
    why do leftist and liberals refuse to talk about , or even admit that these are major contributing factors to, the decay of moral values in our country??
    it’s because THEY are responsible for, promote and encourage this decay. and to admit they caused, and are causing more death and destruction, would be to admit it is their fault.
    and everyone knows it’s guns, not the left, that is the problem

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