Your Overly Self-Impressed Douchebag of the Day is

David Corn, one of the increasingly irrelevant commentators on politics

MSNBC analyst and Mother Jones DC Bureau Chief David Corn wants to ruin the celebrations of Washington Capitals fans everywhere.

The DC metro was stocked with Caps fans this morning on their way to the official celebration parade. But rather than being happy for fans who have waited the franchise’s entire existence to earn a Stanley Cup title, Corn said he only wanted to remind jersey-wearers this morning about how much he hates Trump.

“On the Metro this AM, I wanted to grab all the Caps jersey-wearing fans & shout, ‘Don’t you know that the president of the United States just justified the use of concentration camps, summary executions, torture, and mass forced starvation?” Corn tweeted.

“Is there something wrong with me?” he added.

Yes, you are a self-important prick with a severely over inflated ego

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